Quote of the Moment

"It's never wrong to hope, Byx," said my mother. "Unless the truth says otherwise."
- from Endling #1: The Last, by Katherine Applegate

Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Long Slog Back to Productivity

First off, if you didn't read my comments on the previous blog entry, Dad indeed came home from the hospital on the Thursday after his operation, all tests negative for nasty things. He had his staples out this past Wednesday, and seems to be healing well. Thanks to those who posted; it helped knowing other people were out there... (Yeah, there's always family, but sometimes family provides more discomfort than comfort.)
So, anyway, having lost nearly two weeks to gut-churning uncertainty and horrendously long waits between phone calls and tests, it's time - past time, really - to dust off my proverbial tail, climb back onto the proverbial horse, and Get On With It Already. There's quite a bit that needs getting on with, too: my stories are languishing, my sites are stagnant, my space is filling with clutter again, I have a camp logo I need to get cracking on (which I wanted done by the start of May, but I'm now aiming for mid-May), my "spirit shields" need work, and I need to make more drum ornaments to keep ahead of demand. While deciding which to tackle first, I was informed that I was down to one drum in the store (the bear), and there was a community event coming up which would drag more people through the store than usual (an "ArtWalk," part of our town's feeble attempt to keep more art galleries going than there are clients to support, let alone parking to accommodate the clients that exist.) Well, that answered that question: since the store participates in the ArtWalk by hosting an artist for the evening (a photographer this time), I figured I ought to come up with more inventory in the off chance any of the visitors bit. Drums it was. I only had a week to do it, so I ended up reusing some designs, but I pulled it off and cranked out two more drums, an eagle and a cougar (pictured above.) None sold, but they were at least seen, and I feel better having three or more drums down there anyway.
Next up? Tackling the camp logo. Hopefully I can use my remaining weekend time to get a good run at that... and hopefully life won't be shoving my off my proverbial horse onto my proverbial tailbone again for a little while.