Quote of the Moment

If you meet someone face-to-face and they don't hiss at you and bite you, does that mean you're friends?
- from Serafina and the Black Cloak, by Robert Beatty

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

And Suddenly It's March...

Just a quick I'm-not-dead-I'm-busy post for the much-neglected blog. (I've been slightly more active on my Facebook page, which is still terminally dull.)

For once, though, I actually have been busy - comparatively, at least.

I've taken more day trips this year than I think I took most of last year, and 2015's only two months old, give or take a few days. Losing Grandpa made us all a little more aware of how fast time slips past when you keep scheduling everything for Somedays. So, I've been to several parks, a small fantasy convention (which was less impressive than we'd hoped, but at least got us out of the house), a couple beaches, and a special exhibit on Pompeii, all of which have been more or less worthwhile. (The Pompeii one especially - quite fascinating, with some amazing stuff on display. I'm even glad I sprung for the audio tour.) My camera's been getting quite the workout.

I'm also making more of an effort to get Something Done on a creative front. Aside from cutting into my reading time, so far I have made little tangible progress, but I'm under the delusion that I'm slowly climbing out of the creative ditch I've been slumped in. Hopefully I'll get to the point where I can not only finish stories reliably, but start filling sketchbooks again... or maybe make more things to sell. (In my wildest dreams, I find the ambition to overhaul my websites - not just the book reviews, but the stagnant stuff. If nothing else, I ought to pull it if I'm not maintaining it.)

About the only real downside thus far has been a carryover from late last year - a minor health issue that has defied definitive diagnosis, yet which seems to slowly be resolving on its own. Fingers crossed that it continues to do so...

I suppose I've wasted enough time tonight. Best get back to doing something Useful.