Quote of the Moment

"It's never wrong to hope, Byx," said my mother. "Unless the truth says otherwise."
- from Endling #1: The Last, by Katherine Applegate

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Interlude with Pine Siskin

A friendly reminder to our avian friends:

I understand that it's spring.  I understand you're excited about the longer days and warming weather - we all are.  I understand you can't wait to chat up that pretty little finch on the other feeder and talk to all of your friends about their winter vacations. But that doesn't make windows any softer.

Please, don't tweet and fly.

Thank you.

(The above was one of the lucky ones - just stunned.)

Tuesday, March 06, 2012


Roundabout six-odd years ago, I purchased the computer on which I'm currently writing this blog entry. (Well, I'm actually typing it on a Microsoft ergonomic keyboard which is somewhat newer. The computer is the means by which these words are transmitted to the Internet, and thus the world in general.)  In that time, I've stuck in a few RAM chips, fiddled with the graphics card, succumbed to one particularly insidious virus, and otherwise enjoyed the ups and downs of computer life.

But all things, as they say, must come to an end.  And, after six years, no amount of upgrading would keep this old boy in fighting trim for newer software. (Not that I buy much new software anymore... new games especially tend to come packed with computer-destroying viruses euphemistically referred to as "anti-piracy software.")

This afternoon, after wrestling with The World's Least Enthused Sales Guy (who I swear didn't actually want to sell anything), I placed my order for my new machine. (I was actually eyeballing the next model up, but with the money I saved I can invest in a kick-arse graphics card and some more software. That's the advantage to hole-in-the-wall machines; I can pop 'em open for upgrades not void any warranty.) It's supposed to be ready by this evening.

Right now, I'm doing my last-minute data transfers and software wipes, then I'll be crawling all over my room tracking down my master CDs and other stuff I need to complete the virtual brain transplant.

With luck, I'll have everything hooked up before I go to bed tonight. (Stop laughing! It could happen! Really, it could!)

The old computer now concludes its broadcast day.

UPDATE: Well, it's 7:50 PM, and I'm checking in on the new beast.  It's going... well, it's going, I'll leave it at that. Except to say that I can't seem to get the speakers to work, even though Windows 7 agrees that they're plugged in. And the World's Least Enthused Sales Guy once again gave me the brush-off; the man buying a computer before me was being shown every nut, cord, bag, and scrap of paper in his new computer's box, while they couldn't shove me out the door fast enough. (Well, to be fair, it wasn't just him; everyone in the frellin' store had better things to do than deal with a lowly paying customer.)

I'm trying to reload some vitals before I call it a night, but I gotta be honest: working with a mute machine is kinda unnerving. I count on Windows screaming at me if I do something wrong.

Oh, well... back at it...

LATER: Well, it's 10 PM, and - thanks to some friendly advice from my Windows 7-savvy sister - I finally got my speakers working!  Yay!

Unfortunately, I gotta shut down soon.  Work tomorrow... (Boo!)

But that means more money, so I can't complain... (Yay!)

(Gotta end on a positive note...)